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Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a beautiful practice of long, passively held floor poses while supported by bolsters, blankets and blocks. This type of Yoga practice allows for lengthening and stretching of the body’s connective tissue, while stimulating the flow of Prana (breath/life force energy), marrying the benefits of mediation with asana. The practice of Yin Yoga is extremely relaxing and energizing. Ideal for new students and seasoned practitioners. Non-heated room.

Hot Yoga

The Magic of this class begins with energizing sun salutations followed by some of classical Hot Yoga’s most loved standing poses, balance poses, and floor work. The format of this class invites every participant to practice the same posture at varying levels of ability; our instructors will provide modifications and additional pose expressions to make your practice personal. Our Hot Yoga class is recommended for everyone, from first day beginners to advanced students. Breathe, smile, listen to your body, and level your competitive “ambition” at the door. (room temperature 90+ degrees)

Hot Vinyasa Flow

The word Vinyasa means “breath-synchronized movement.” This is a class that offers continuous movement by transitioning, or flowing, from posture to posture; synchronizing the breath with every movement. This class deepens the principles taught in our Hot Yoga class. It is designed for students of intermediate to advanced levels seeking a challenge. If you are a beginner we recommend starting with the Hot Yoga class first to become familiar with yoga postures and alignment. (room temperature 99+ degrees)


Yinyasa is a balanced practice that combines contemplative Yin yoga with an empowering Vinyasa flow. Muscles are warmed, activated and strengthened by flowing through a short series of postures linked with breath. This prepares the body to relax and the mind to let go for the quiet Yin practice. Yin yoga uses mindful muscle relaxation to revitalize the flow of energy in the body. Long, passive holds are supported by props and help restore proper length to muscles and connective tissue. This class is a wonderful complement to more vigorous yoga classes and other types of exercise.

Body Rock

Description Coming Soon.

Ballet Barre

A high-energy, total body sculpting class that blends the best of light weight training, athletic movement, flexibility and core strengthening exercises. The ballet barre method quickly reshapes the body for long, lean, strong muscles. You’ll never experience the same class twice. Ballet barre classes are all barefoot, require a mat and no dance experience is necessary! All body types welcome! THREE STYLES OF BALLET BARRE

Ballet Barre Bootcamp

Ballet barre class that begins with bodyweight only exercises in high repetitions, and advances to lower repetitions while adding light weights to build and tone long lean muscles. Station Style format allows for one on one coaching and personal accountability. Isometric balance work targets core, and mixing in pilates-style floor work with strength work gives a full body burn. Very light cardio, on occasion, but moderate intensity and low impact. Yes, there will be pushups. Bring a friend for partner challenges.

Ballet Barre Cardio

Our traditional ballet barre class with cardio!!! The ultimate tri-fecta workout. Slim, tone and lift with a cardio combination! You don't want to miss this class.

Ballet Barre Strength

Ballet Barre that is heavy on the strength element throughout. Weights, bands and your own body weight will be used to tone and strengthen your entire body with heavy emphasis on core!!